Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Unknown One,

Eyes dropping,minds wandering , aimlessly lazily, I drift into a nocturnal world.
Soon I find myself in a scenario unlike any other, but more different that I have ever experienced.

Unknown one,
who was that boy?
his face shadowed by darkness, but his eyes shinning under the the moonlight.

But even more bewildering,
"you grasp my hand in yours, with confidence and pride and kiss me, "
suddenly everything felt so right.
Bubble gum, you said those words in my ear .
everything was just so perfect,
Euphoria rushed over my body.

Your arms around my waist and we slow danced,
In this moment of ecstasy.
Forever.Immortal being of the starry night.
Was he for real? or just an Illusion?

An alarm sounded far off yet so closed.
The brown eyes fluttered open
and everything was gone.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Its funny how people label you,
They say weird stuff,
Those who think what others are thinking about them don't think for themselves,
Its true.
Be proud of who you are,what you do.
But don't take to extreme that it starts hurting you.
Be with those who like you for who you are,
I am sitting in front of my lcd,
Changing channels like a wench who changes guys every night.
eating chips side by side,
And i think, life's so complicated.
Friends help to a certain extent, but in the end its you who has to think.
The cruelty of life.
The deeper we fall, the more we learn.
You're not weak, its your mind whose making you do all this stuff,
Don't be scared, get up and say " I'm strong".

Hello World.

Its just a phase-
A few words don't hurt-
You don't mean anything-
When you say you hate today-
Your life, everyone and everyday-
Its just a phase-
A few tears wipe away-
They don't mean anything-
When they stream down like a rainstorm-
And you scream-
With no reason at all-
Its just a phase-
A few cuts always heal-
It don't mean anything-
When the pain chases pain-
And your so numb you need blood-
To know you still alive-
Its just a phase-
A few hits fade away-
It don't mean anything-
Just a couple experiments to cure this nightmare-
fucked up everyday, real life's hard to bare-
Its just a phase-
A new death a new birth-
It don't mean anything-
Just one less depressed teen-
(we've got enough, we'll get more)
Its just a phase-
A threat for attention thats all-
A few pills always work-
To hide from you hurt-
A few pills always work-
To ignore this epidemic-
To convince you and pretend it-
Was all just a phase.


She killed herself last night,
Yes, she did.
It was painless,
she cried, she thought it'll go away.
I saw her bleed.

I wasn't myself anymore.
The girl who used to see good in everyone, happy in her own world,
Enjoying the endless beauty of the things around,
Staring at the sky, counting stars,
was no longer there.

Dreams started haunting her,
Abhorrence was the only thing she could think of,
she no longer knew what amorousness was.

Crying for mercy,
She said once " comedy is in my blood, thats why people like it when I'm bleeding".
I couldn't do anything.

I want her back.